English For Career Development

27 юли 2019 г.
English For Career Development

Come and meet Paul Jenkinson, a business English trainer in Sofia, Bulgaria. He’ll be presenting a series of workshops designed to boost your career prospects by enhancing your use of English for public speaking, conversation, emails, and interviews.

Paul graduated with an Honours degree in physics in 1988 before joining the BBC as a graduate trainee. Shortly afterwards he became a presenter on the BBC World Service with its global audience of almost 200 million people.

📌 Saturday 27th July , 10:00 - 17:00
Public Speaking

📌 Saturday, 3rd August, 10:00 – 13:00
Pronunciation workshop

📌 Saturday 3rd August, 14:00 – 17:00
Conversation Workshop

📌 Saturday 10th August, 10:00 – 17:00
Email Masterclass

📌 Wednesday 14th August, 19:00 – 20:30 (Interview techniques seminar)

📌 Saturday 17th August 09:00 – 19:00 (Interview day)

📌 Saturday 24th August09:00 – 19:00 (Follow-up interviews)

The Workshops
We have selected five topics which lend themselves well to ‘stand-alone’ workshops. They have been drawn from our experience of the skills that non-native users of English consistently tell us they wish to improve, and for which we have presented successful training sessions previously. We specialise in spoken English, and this is our focus.

🔴 Saturday, 27th July 🔴
Public Speaking - 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Talking to an audience of people we don’t know is one of the most stressful experiences we can face. Yet there are so many occasions on which we are required to speak; from presentations and sales pitches at work, to wedding speeches and celebrations in our social lives!
The good news is that ANYONE can become a confident and effective public speaker. There are just a few simple rules and techniques used by all great communicators throughout history, and right up to the present day.
In our public speaking workshop we’ll be revealing the secrets of great oratory. You’ll be introduced to the two golden rules, and four techniques, that will transform the way you talk to your audience. Each element will be examined closely and illustrated with lots of real-life examples. We’ll look at how to cope with nerves, and how to prepare.

🔴 Presentation Day 24th August 2019 🔴
starting at 10:00 AM
Our public speaking workshop will give you the tools used by the world’s greatest communicators. Like any skill, practise is essential. So that you can put your new abilities into effect, we’re giving you the opportunity to make a presentation in front of an audience. The presentation can be on any subject of your choice. It must be a maximum of six minutes in duration, and you may use any supporting audio-visual material you wish. The audience will judge your performance, and you’ll receive feedback telling you what went well, and what may require more attentio

🔴 Saturday, 3rd August , 10:00 – 13:00 🔴
Pronunciation workshop

Speaking clearly is vitally important in any language. The more clearly we speak, the more easily we will be understood. Clarity is essential, and the key to clarity is good pronunciation.
English is an unusual language in many ways! It has combinations of letters that occur very frequently indeed, but which appear in almost no other language. As a consequence, the sounds of these combinations are very unfamiliar to non-native speakers. Yet there are others which are very easy indeed for speakers of other languages to master.
In this workshop we’ll focus on the letters and combinations that most non-native speakers get wrong most of the time. You’ll be surprised at how easy some of them are to get right! We’ll look at lots of examples, you’ll practise all of the sounds many times, and be carefully guided to improve still further. There will also be a comparison between British, American and Indian English pronunciation. We’ll even show you how native speakers can confuse each other if their pronunciation isn’t sufficiently clear.
This workshop is a relaxed, light-hearted and informal exploration of what we mean by ‘good pronunciation’. As well as highlighting the key sounds that will lead to rapid improvement, we’ll consider broader questions regarding clarity, and suggest ways to continue getting better.

🔴 Saturday 3rd August 2019 14:00 – 17:00 🔴
Conversation Workshop

For many people, the ability to have a fluent conversation in English is their ultimate ambition with regard to the language. Their reading and writing skills may be excellent, but when it comes to the real-time combination of speaking and listening, most people find it a vastly more daunting prospect.
There is no doubt that conversation is challenging. It is unpredictable, everything happens so fast, and we may not understand some of the vocabulary.
It’s going to be an afternoon of experimentation and lively interaction. Through a series of activities and practise – and a few games! – you’ll discover that confident conversation in English is something that you can certainly achieve.

🔴 Saturday 10th August 2019 10:00 – 17:00 🔴
Email Masterclass

When it comes to written English, emails are at the top of the list of things that we write most frequently. Email has so many advantages; it’s versatile, instant, and free.
In particular, email has become the dominant form of written communication within business. And as English is now the global language of trade and commerce, being able to correspond correctly in the language is an essential skill for anyone dealing with people outside their own country.
There is so much to consider. We have to be concise, professional, accurate, informative, and appropriate – and we have to do all that in English, too! Get it wrong, and at best we waste time and appear foolish, at worst we may cause offence or lose a contract.
By the end of the workshop, we’ll have provided many templates and expressions that can be used immediately across all types of business. These templates can be amended to suit the unique requirements of the writer.
You’ll have the confidence and reassurance of knowing that your emails are contemporary and world class, and that the English you use will present you and your organisation as highly professional and authoritative.

🔴 Wednesday 14th August 2019 19:00 – 20:30 🔴
(Interview techniques seminar)

🔴 Saturday 17th August 09:00 – 19:00 🔴
(Interview day)

🔴Saturday 24th August 09:00 – 19:00 🔴
(Follow-up interviews)

We all want the perfect career; the job that will fulfil us on a personal level, be fascinating and challenging, and, of course, have a very large salary to go with it!
To get it, however, requires us to go through the application and selection process. Suddenly, we’re in direct competition with many other people who all want the same thing. How do we stand out from the crowd?
The fact is that your CV will get you noticed, but it will NOT win you the job. Success or failure is determined by a face-to-face interview. Your qualifications and experience are only part of what an employer is looking for. Just as important is your character and personality, your motivation and attitude. The only way to test this is to meet you in person, look you in the eye, and talk to you.
Most people make a lot of effort to ensure that their CV is constantly updated, yet they do almost nothing to prepare for the interview. This makes no sense at all. They wouldn’t think of taking part in a sports event, sitting an exam, or taking a driving test without putting in many hours of practise beforehand. But for something that could decide their future for years to come, they leave it to chance and hope that things will go their way.
The challenge, of course, is how to get that practise. How do you put yourself through the process that you will encounter in a real interview?
The solution is now here.

We are waiting for you in CasaLibri at Tsar Asen 64 str.

Full information for the workshops here: https://www.colibri.bg/novini/318/english-for-career-development

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