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Elvira Seminara

Elvira Seminara

Elvira Seminara (Catania, 1959) is a modern and attractive author with considerable merit for reconsidering the stereotypes associated with Sicilian writers. A longtime editor of a Sicily newspaper and then a columnist for the Espresso magazine, she has taught history of journalism at the University of Catania, and has led creative writing workshops. She published her first novel in 2008, after which, with each subsequent book, she rapidly developed her handwriting of a verbal experimenter with a reporter's eye on the iconic plots of the modern urban environment.

She creates art jewelry and accessories from used household items, organizes traveling exhibitions that accompany the presentations of her new books and radiate the message that the second use can be better than the first.

She is married to Antonio di Grado, Professor of Italian Literature, and is the mother of the promising young writer Viola di Grado.

Two of her novels have been staged in Catania.

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