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Petko Mangachev

Petko Mangachev

PETKO MANGACHEV is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists and the Union of Bulgarian Writers. He fought for the preservation of our historical memory. Among his rich author's bibliography stand out: Establishment and first international events of the Bulgarian Red Cross; Prof. Konstantin Katsarov - life and work (1898–1980); Konstantin Irechek - life and work in Bulgaria (1879–1884); Nikola Vaptsarov in the archives of the Ministry of Interior and others.

He is winner of the Exquisite Pen Award 2019 at the Salon of Bulgarian Culture and Spirituality, Chicago, USA.

Petko Mangachev was awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania with the Medal of Honor "Lithuanian Diplomatic Star" for significant scientific contribution to the all-round Bulgarian-Lithuanian relations.

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