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Stephen S. Ilardi

Stephen S. Ilardi

Stephen Ilardi received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Duke University, and has spent the past two decades as an active researcher, university professor, and clinician. He has treated several hundred patients suffering from depressive illness and other serious disorders, and has authored over 40 scholarly articles and papers on mental illness.

Over the past six years, Dr. Ilardi and his clinical research team have developed and refined a new, highly effective program for clinical depression: Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC). This innovative treatment is grounded in the insight that human beings were never designed for the sedentary, indoor, socially isolated, sleep-deprived, fast-food-laden, frenzied pace of 21st-century American life. Understanding the modern depression epidemic as the result of our increasingly toxic lifestyle, Dr. Ilardi has helped numerous depressed individuals overcome the debilitating illness by reclaiming six powerful healing habits from our ancestral past.

Inspired by the program's success - even in cases of chronic, severe depression that failed to respond to antidepressant medication - Dr. Ilardi has written "The Depression Cure," a step-by-step guide to the Therapeutic Lifestyle Change program.

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