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Lucia Giovannini

Lucia Giovannini

Lucia Giovannini has a Doctorate in Psychology and Counseling and a Bachelor in Psycho-Anthropology, she is a member of the American Psychological Association.

She is a Master Firewalking and Breathwork Trainer, an NLP and Neuro-Semantic Trainer (ISNS USA), a Breathwork Practitioner, Spiritual, Transformational and Executive Coach (ACMC – USA) and the only labyrinth facilitator for Italy. Lucia is one of the 14 individuals, responsible for the Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life® training in the world, she is the only Teachers’ teacher for Italy and Italian Switzerland and has been defined by media “the Italian Louise Hay”.

She is a best selling author (A whole new life, 2008, I deserve the best 2010, Free your life 2012, Crea il lavoro che vuoi, 2012) and she regularly appears on several italian TV shows.

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