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Ante Tomić

Ante Tomić

Ante Tomić (born April 22, 1970 in Split, SR Croatia, then SFR Yugoslavia) is a Croatian writer and journalist. Philosopher and sociologist by education, and humorist by vocation.

A native of a village Glavina Donja near Imotski, Tomić graduated in philosophy and sociology at the University of Zadar. He began to write as a reporter for the local daily newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija. His articles showed great literary talent that would manifest in his 2000 debut novel Što je muškarac bez brkova. Three years later he wrote the novel Ništa nas ne smije iznenaditi, in order to describe the life of recruits in Yugoslav People's Army. Both novels are adapted to screen. 

In 2004 he travelled across the USA in order to cover presidential campaign by talking to "ordinary" people. 

Ante Tomić co-authored the script for 1999 film Posljednja volja, as well as 2002 mini-series Novo doba

Čudo u Poskokovoj Dragi (2009) is the most complex and impressing novel of him.

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