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Katerina Hapsali

Katerina Hapsali

Katerina Hapsali graduated in economics and Spanish in the United States, then returned to Bulgaria. Since 2000 she has worked actively as a journalist, though she prefers the broader definition "a person of words" and it is hardly a coincidence that she's been preparing for her doctorate in philosophy now. Among her favorite media projects over the years are the radio show "Talk to her" (Darik Radio), and the magazine headings "Lie Detector" and "Women with History" (TEMA magazine). She is the first editor of "Harper's BAZAAR" magazine in Bulgaria. "Greek Coffee" is her first novel.

In March 2015, Greek coffee was nominated for "Helicon" 2015. This is the only Bulgarian award for high acchievements in all genres of fiction. 

In May 2015, the novel was awarded second prize in the „Prose“ category of the 43rd edition of the Literature Days "Southern Spring" in Haskovo, Bulgaria, a traditional competition for debut books of all genres. 

In June 2015, Greek coffee was nominated for  the National Literature Prize "Elias Canetti" of Rousse Municipality, Bulgaria.

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