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Rainer Werner Fassbinder


Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1945-1982) was one of the most important representatives of the New German Cinema. Apart from being a movie director, he also worked as a movie and theater actor, screenwriter, producer, theatre manager, editor, cameraman, composer and designer. For fourteen years Fassbinder completed 41 films, two television film series, three short films, four video productions, twenty-four stage plays and four radio plays and 36 acting roles in his own and others’ films.

His biggest success came with The Marriage of Maria Braun (1978), part 1 of his FRG-Trilogy. The TV-series Berlin Alexanderplatz (1980) and Effie Briest (1974) are two of his best-known adaptations. His last film, Querelle (based on Jean Genet's novel “Querelle of Brest"), was filmed in 1982.

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