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Juan Marsé

Juan Marsé

After the death of his mother in the childbirth, it is adopted by the Marsé marriage, from those who it takes the last name. Badly student, dedicated from the adolescence to the office of jeweller . worked during some time in the Barcelonan magazine of cinema Arcinema, initiated its literary race in 1958 with stories that would appear in the magazines Ínsula and the red deer . In 1959 it obtained his first literary prize, the story Sesame by his story Nothing to die and two years later first novel Locked up with a single toy published his. Also in 1959, city in which would reside until 1962 and in which carried out varied activities, including those of professor of Spanish, translator and young man of laboratory in the Department of Cellular Biochemistry of Institut Pasteur settled in Paris.

He returns to Barcelona, publishing in 1962 This face of the moon, today repudiada by the author and exile of the catalog of his complete works. Also it collaborated with the advertizing world and the one of the publishing company and also with the one of the cinematography, like scriptwriter. Since journalist has been editor head of the magazine Bocaccio and collaborator of the magazine Please, in which she got to occupy the position of writing head.

House in 1966 with Joaquina Holes, of which it will have two children, Alexander, who are born in 1968, and Berta, in 1970. In this same year, 1970, publishes the excellent novel the dark history of the Montse premium, where we found the keys of the literary universe that has continued cultivating until the present.

Also, during years 1988-89, the Country biweekly published serial in the newspaper under the title Adventures of captain Blay.

The decade of the 90s supposes the definitive consecration of the Barcelonian writer. In 1990 Athenian Prize of Seville receives by the bilingual lover; in 1994 the Prize of the Critic and the Aristeion grant by the spell to him of Shanghai . Its work has been translated to diverse languages (Polish, English, French, German, Rumanian, Hungarian…) and several of their novels have been adapted to the cinema and the theater, like Last afternoons with Teresa, If they say to you among others that I fell, the girl of the gold panties and the bilingual lover.

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