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Maxim E. Matkin


Maxim E. Matkin is the mysterious author of "Midnight Diary". Very few is known about him as he prefers to stay behind the mask of anonymousness. In 2000 he left some traces in the Internet followed by a few months of silence. In 2001 in the Internet magazine inZine his "Midnight Diary" appeared in portions. Rumours of all kinds has been spread about the enigmatic writer but no information is for sure. All we know is what he himself wrote in his "Midnight Diary": the childhood spent in the quarter and graduating unidentified university. His mother is a divorced astrologist which influeced his and his sister's personal and social lives. He loves the sea and Wittgenstein. Cooks well. Reads a lot and changes the tv channels with pleasure. Once he almost encountered death. He has a large and nice bed and probably he's currently single. Many inspiring people and events go through his life. His main topics are depression, the meaning of life, love and sex. Most of all sex.

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