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Laurell K. Hamilton


Laurell Hamilton (1963), an American fantasy and romance writer, who is best known for her two series of novels: “Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter”, which runs to nineteen novels and a number of short story collections and other tie-in media such as comic books; and - “Merry Gentry”, which contains eight novels.


The “Anita Blake” series of fantasy novels (with elements of horror, mystery and erotic fiction) is about a female necromancer and her relationships with vampires. The series is an alternate history that assumes that the supernatural is real, and vampires, lycanthropes and other supernatural beings live alongside humans in a society that looks like our own.


More than six million copies of the “Anita Blake” series have been printed and it became a New York Times bestseller. The series has been translated into sixteen languages.


The “Merry Gentry” series of novels is an urban fantasy in which the world of fairy interacts with the “real world”.

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