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Marko Vidojković

Marko Vidojković

Marko Vidojković (1975) was born in Belgrade. He is one of the most popular Serbian writers of the young generation. Besides being a writer Marko Vidojković is also a managing editor of the Serbian “Playboy” and “Maxim” magazines. And more he is a singer of a famous punk group - “On The Run”.

In his novels, Marko Vidojković is as provocative as in his public life. His language is direct and often obscene. Vidojković's novels are placed on the streets of Belgrade, portraying lost and angry young people, drowned by lack of understanding and hypocrisy of the society.

Marko Vidojković has wrote seven novels: "The Dance Of Small-Time Demons" (2001), “The Devil Is a Friend of Mine" (2001), “Butts on the Beach” (2002), "The Claws" (2004), "All Red Riding Hoods Are the Same" (2006), “Let God Help You” (2007), "I Want Something Nice to HappentTo Me Right Now" (2009).

It was his fourth novel - "The Claws", which made Marko Vidojković so famous and popular author. "The Claws" was the best-selling Serbian novel in 2005. For it Marko Vidojković has been awarded with the prestigious Golden Bestseller Award and with the Petar Kocic's Feather Award.

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