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Comte Robert de Bourboulon


Count Robet de Bourboulon (1861-1932), a French nobleman, private secretary of prince Ferdinand І of Bulgaria. During the Balkan War (1912-1913), Count de Bourboulon was responsible for the correspondence with the foreign representatives, and after the armistice he has been awarded, personally from Ferdinand І, with the “St. Alexander” order.

Count Robet de Bourboulon described his stay in Bulgaria in his book “Bulgarian Diaries”, which is a documentary evidence of nearly forty years of the Bulgarian history – from 1887 to 1928. In detailed letters to his mother and to his wife the count in a readable manner depicts important events of the Bulgarian history, also the way of living and customs of Bulgarians, the intrigues and style of government in the court, the unique characters of Bulgarian politicians and military men but most of all – of the Bulgarian prince and his circle. In this sense – the notes of Count Robet de Bourboulon would be interesting not only to the specialists in history but also to everybody interested in Bulgarian history.

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