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Matthias Nawrat

Matthias Nawrat

Matthias Nawrat was born in 1979 in Opole, Poland, and moved to Germany with his family at the age of 10. His first novel Wir zwei allein (The Two of Us Alone), published in 2012, was awarded the Literaturpreis of the Kanton of Bern 2012 and the Adelbert-von-ChamissoFörderpreis 2013. For an excerpt from his dystopian novel Unternehmer (Entrepreneurs), Nawrat was awarded the KELAG Prize at the Klagenfurt Days of German-Language Literature in 2012 and the Bayern2-Wortspiele-Preis 2014. In his subsequent novel Die vielen Tode unseres Opa Jurek (The Many Deaths of our Grandpa Jurek), which was awarded the Förderpreis of the Bremer Literaturpreis 2016 and the Alfred-Döblin-Medaille 2016, Nawrat countered the historical horror of his family history with the cheerfulness of a picaresque novel.

Nawrat’s new novel, Der traurige Gast (The Sad Guest), was published in 2019 and is a quiet, melancolic book that traces the most diverse biographies in contemporary Berlin. Nawrat has also published essays, short stories and a journal about a journey to Siberia.

He lives in Berlin.

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